Fusion Pop from Germany


Fusion, Soul, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Progressive...all these are elements of WALEH, founded as a duo in early 2017 by Valentin Mayr (drums, keys) and Hannah König (vocals). WALEH mixes their different preferences of various music styles to one interesting new sound.


The German duo started to write and compose their songs in form of a studio project to present a whole band sound to their audience.


Since spring 2018, WALEH is completed with the two british musicians Sandy Bain on the bass and Barney Riley on drums.


The band combines their predilection for organic and modern sounds by mixing acoustic and electronical instruments. Various synthesizer sounds take turns with acoustic bass, piano, percussion and more. The result is an avantgardistic mix of Pop, Jazz and Fusion.


Also the rhythmical section is very flexible. Focused on groove in easy and also abstract ways, as well coming up with smoother parts and dynamic variety.


With the upcoming duo EP (release 2018) WALEH shows up in public for the first time.

Apart from Valentin Mayr and Hannah König, the audience will enjoy the guest musicians Roman Sielert (percussion), Jelmer De Haan (bass) and Kelly O’Donohue (trumpet).