Dreamy worldly songs emerge from a soup of thick groove and delicately arrange jazz fusion’

Introducing…WALEH, from Berlin.

            Waleh                                   Waleh                                   Waleh
noun: [ C ] uk /ˈvæl.eɪ/      verb: [ T ] uk / -wɑː.lɑː/         adjective: uk /ˈweɪ.lər/

Waleh are many things: stylistic instrumentalists, diverse arrangers and wholesome collaborators. Their product is a tasty new cocktail of modern music.

Its contents span a range of jazz, folk and world music flavours and its produce is a unique and liberated style of composition.

Waleh is best consumed at live shows and through the interpreting structures of your ears and emotions.

Waleh are Hannah König (Vocals) Valentin Mayr (Keys) Sandy Bain (Bass) Barney Riley (Drums)